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Meet our host 

Bree Davies is so Denver. Born and raised here, she’s made her name as a journalist, arts advocate, and organizeralways focused in one way or another on making her hometown better. Speaking of which, you may know Davies from her work co-founding and producing some of Denver’s most beloved music and arts festivals— or her long-running column for Westword. Or perhaps you’re a listener to her podcast “Hello? Denver? Are You Still There?”—which blurs the lines between art, urban planning, and politics. She’s excited for City Cast Denver to be a platform for making Denver a more vibrant, inclusive, and delightful city. And while she’s from here, she says Denver’s for everybody who calls it home.

Why launch City Cast in Denver?

Go ahead and try to define Denver. Is it an oil-rich cowtown? A tech-friendly ecotopia? More likely it’s something entirely its own, changing before our very eyes. Post-Zaidy’s, post-El Chapultepec, post-COVID, what is Denver all about? The answer will take more than one episode. We promise to ask hard questions and refuse easy answers. Join City Cast Denver as we celebrate and explore an ever-changing Denver.

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